Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Shower Farm

I made this cake for a baby shower and we wanted to match the nursery that she had decorated. It was a pretty marigold yellow and farm animals. I wanted to keep it "sophisticated" like they requested, but still incorporate the farm animals. I kept the cake fairly simple for this reason. The cake was Yellow Butter Cake with a Raspberry White Chocolate Filling. I really liked making the horse....On the top of the cake I made a woven pattern with was harder than it looked....but I like the texture it gave the simple cake.

Baby Cookies

I made these cookies for a baby shower favor. I made 24 of them. The little images were sugar...I also made a bunch of crowns but forgot to take a picture of them.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Giveaway...

Because of my baking week...I have some "goods" to giveaway... I have posted about "cakeball truffles" before...I have a bunch of yellow butter cake...moist and perfect...and my secret recipe buttercream...and combined they would make the perfect cakeballs...
Much to my kids dismay..they cannot eat these every time I have a big cake I would like to give them to the first person that calls me for them. It would make for a fun family/kid activity. I can deliver...(need to get out of the house...stuck inside for 2 months and counting)

I also have extra sugar cookie dough and royal icing to give away... :) anyone? going once...going twice....

Flower Pot Cookies

What a fun present to give to someone who is hard to buy for...that may have everything you can think of. The same friend as the Flower Garden cake, ordered her Mother in Law a dozen cookies that she was going to put together in a vase for a birthday present. This Mother in Law has had the cookies before and requested she knew she was going to like them.

I made the flowers very thick and baked then decorated them hours before she picked them up to insure they were fresh and yummy. I really like the idea of stacking the cookies and can't wait to pull out my 3d cookie cutters for Easter.

Flower Garden

I made this cake for a friends Mother in Law. She let me choose how to decorate the cake....The mom was flying into town and they had the cake on a previous trip..and wanted more.

I Loved choosing the decorating part because it gave me an excuse to do buttercream flowers. I love all things flowers...I buy scrapbook paper buy the binder...all flowers... and I have yet to do any scrapbooking.... If I ever become a self fulfilled millionaire I will have new fresh flowers all over my house every week...I regress...

The cake was Yellow Butter cake with a Strawberry White Chocolate filling. The bees had little fondant wings...all other decorations were buttercream.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Eddie Van Halen

This cake was for a 14 year old boy's birthday. They just wanted something small and simple. I tried to replicate Eddie's guitar exactly...ugly guitar if you ask me...but what do I know...I had to ask husband which band Eddie Van Halen played for....

Oh? Van Halen you say?....I think he was disgusted in me :)

It was daughter #1's idea to do the flames...she said it would make it "rock and roll"..

The cake was Chocolate fudge with an Oreo buttercream filling.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Farm Cake

I said I was taking February off of making cakes...but it was my next door neighbor's daughters third birthday. It was going to be a Farm Party and so I really wanted to make a cake for her. I had a bunch of ideas that would have worked...but because she was turning 3 I thought I would make it whimsy. The cake itself was 4 layers of butter vanilla and one layer of chocolate ...with an oreo filling. The animals were very fun to make...all except the darn sheep. Its a good thing that the kids and I were watching a movie at the time so that I didn't realize that I had spent 25 min. alone just on the sheep! (all the little dots for wool).