Friday, June 26, 2009

Peas and Carrots..Mashed Potatoes...Sunflowers

Aren't these Cool! My daughter and her friend made these all by themselves! They are from the book Hello Cupcake . We loved the way they turned out. The peas are skittles, the carrots are starbursts..The pat of butter is a starburst stretched out, and the gravy is caramel. This was such a fun baking project for us all. The girls did amazing work. When I already have cake and butter cream on hand it makes it fast, fun, and simple to let the girls create. I think we will be doing many more cupcake creations in the future... so stay tuned.

baby cowboy

I made these onsies for a baby with a western themed nursery. I had no idea what I was going to do...then I thought of the paisley (which I loved) and a cowboy was then that daughter #2 said, "mom why don't you do a horse?" I quickly told her that was way to complicated for 11:00 at night...she then said, " no its not, just do it like this..." and she sketched me out the cutest stick horse I have ever seen. So I copied the horse exactly onto the onsie and it became my new favorite.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Barbie Beach Party

am liking this beach theme! This was a fun cake to make. Inside was a Funfetti White cake with Strawberry Butter Cream filling. I made this cake for one of Olivia's NICU nurses (one of the many that I really liked) and so while making it I had my heart into it and wanted to do a very good job. This happened to be a weekend when husband took the rest of the kids to grandma's no babysitter/baby holder for me! This is what Olivia thought of that...needless to say I did not really get to start working on the cake until about 9:30 pm when I put the little darling to bed.
I have always said I work my best in the middle of the night....

My favorite this time was the beach balls...I made them by covering gum balls with fondant. I also liked the little sunglasses and think my sand castle was much better this time around. Can you imagine the sugar overload when the little girls at the party got done eating all of that brown sugar "sand". I hope she liked the cake....I couldn't really tell when she picked it up. I loved the way it turned out and think that next time I do a beach cake I will attempt an umbrella or a second tier of water below...the wheels are already turning!

The Bake Sale

Summer days can be very long for a house full of little kiddos and a tired mom...this being said I needed a project for my little people to keep them busy and to keep them happy. They kept asking me if they could have a lemonade stand...this got me to about a Bake Sale! My kiddos loved the idea and immediately gave me their list of items to bake and buy. The girls decided on :

Rice Krispie Treats with and without Oreo's

Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes with White Chocolate Mousse Filling

Sugar Cookies decorated pretty with royal icing

Sugar cookies soft with butter cream

Cake Ball Truffles on and off a stick

Brownies three ways: Toffee Pecan, Plain, and Reese's pieces peanut butter

Chocolate butterscotchies

The boy was in charge of the Lemonade stand and served Cherry Cool aide along with Lemonade.

I was baking like a mad women because this was also the weekend of the Sock Monkey order. They "helped" when I would let them with the baking, and did package most of the goods. Husband and I decided to have a yard sale in order to direct more traffic into the girls bake sale and the boys lemonade stand. The girls then made signs and fliers for the neighborhood. You should have seen them late Friday night...they made colored brochures for their customers to was so CUTE! They also set a very pretty display with all of my cake stands.

This was an awesome summer project and I highly recommend that you have your own. It was a huge success and by 11am they had sold out! Leaving only one cupcake left. They were ecstatic and felt very accomplished. We then gave each kid $5.00 and announced that the rest would go into their collage savings accounts.....(they were less than impressed with this idea) however we redeemed ourselves by taking them that night to "Cold stone" and letting them get whatever they wanted.....can you say HUGE chocolate covered waffle cones! It is so great to have a house full of kids...I just love our chaotic clan.

Sock Monkeys

Pictures taken with phone...They really do not do this ws so cute!

I absolutely love sock monkeys, and so I was very happy when I received an order for a baby shower with a theme of sock monkeys. I was excited but had no idea how I would pull off making a sock monkey. I hand cut out the shape for the sugar cookies. I could never decide whether I liked them with or without the eyebrows and I did half with.

The cake was fun! I loved the argyle print and the big chocolate bow idea has been waiting and waiting for the perfect cake to put it on. The monkeys turned out! I think they actually look like sock monkeys. The cake was also one that I do not get to do very was Wedding White Almond with a White Chocolate Cheesecake mousse filling...YUM!

Monday, June 8, 2009

And cookies to match...

I made these cookies as the favors for the Hannah Montana cake. I LOVE making cookies :)

I "signed" them all for the rock star birthday girl. Again the photos were taken with husbands phone....I could have done better:)

Hannah Montana

The photos were taken with husbands not that great....

Okay, this cake was for the nicest women I have ever ran across. Seriously I loved talking to her. She wanted a cake for her daughters 6th birthday. Hannah Montana you know is every 6 year old's best friend. I really wanted it to look perfect...but also we wanted to use butter cream instead of all fondant because of taste. I would really like to make this again using all fondant and make it perfectly to scale. (we also needed it bigger to serve the amount of guest).

The cake was chocolate fudge with an oreo filling. I had actually made an entire extra cake thinking I would need it for the neck of the guitar...and now we are turning it into cake truffles for my girls "bake sale" they are having this coming Saturday ...if you are in the area stop by they would love to sell you some treats:)