Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a little peak of what I have been up too...

Here is just a tid-bit of what I have been keeping myself busy with...there is oh so much more....I am so blessed and am having so much fun at this time of year...I do love to bake...have I said that before?
These cookies and cake and cake balls were done for one of the cutest mom's of all time...a first birthday party. Everything she did matched and was fantastic! Cake is buttercream with a hand stencil design on both the cake and the 4 dozen cookies! (8 dozen if you count the mini cookies in the shape of 1 that I did)

Simple gingerbread...But I love it. Just tonight I made another batch and this time I dipped the backs in chocolate.

A great big order of Christmas cookies (5 dozen)...and tonight I made a double batch to decorate for myself and my truest friend. I am going to do the next round in non-traditional colors...can't wait. Also tonight I made toffee and my hand dipped See's chocolates Butterscotch squares. Hopefully I will get to share some with you! :)