Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Phone

It has been awhile! Not that I have not been baking...but I did have about 1 week off of orders and it was strange...I actually slept almost 7 hours a night for a whole week! The sinus medicine helped that...I had a terrible experience with vertigo...I hope you never experience that for your self! Now I am back in full force. I made the cutest rainbow cupcakes for my kids. I made the cake 7 different layers of color, and then did a tie-die colored frosting but alas...I never took a picture! Bad blogger. I have also made the kiddos peanut butter cookies, and browned butter chocolate chip cookies.... this is a big deal because between the orders, my own need for rice crispy treats, and trying to keep their sweets intake at bay, it had been a very long while since I had made them some good 'ole' mommy chocolate chip cookies. They LOVED them and didn't even know they were made out of whole wheat pastry flour and natural unsweetened peanut butter :)

Now on to the I Phone. I made this cake for a friend. It was her son's birthday and he was requesting an I Phone...isn't she a fun mom! The picture she showed me was a beautiful edition of this cake but they had used an edible printer...which I have I did my best with using a technique of butter-cream transfer. I hope that he liked it and eats cake for breakfast every day this week :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

pictures do not do justice..

I Loved this cake and was so excited to post it...and then I saw my horrible photography skills in action. The pictures really do not do this cake turned out so cute. It was for a combined baby shower, one lady was having a girl, and the other a boy. The cake(of course) was chocolate fudge with a chocolate oreo cream cheese filling...yeah...pregnant ladies remember :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

loved this

OK so I loved, loved, loved this cake...mostly because I HATED it at first. It gave me such a headache in the beginning and I kept second guessing my ideas...but in the end I LOVED the design. It was for a girl turning 12. She is a cutie to the extreme and she plays "Mad Frog" club volleyball (hence the mad---frog!) she also is always fashionably set and so I tried to capture all of these things in a cake for her.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sneak peek purse...

Hand-painted leopard print hand bag fun to make...structure is rice crispy treat, covered in fondant...and then hand painted with food coloring gels and edible dust. More to come the cake was a vision in my match the sweetest 12 year olds hobbies.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bright Butterfly

This is a cake that I did today for a 17 year olds birthday surprise. The mom described the girl as loving bright colors, fun, drives a VW Bug, and wanted butterflies on it. I really liked this cake. It turned out busy, but in a good way I think. My favorite part was the butterflies, I made them out of chocolate. The cake was Wedding white almond with butter cream filling. Boy, it takes a LONG time to color that many shades of fondant.

polka dot

This is the Polka Dot cake that I did to match the cupcakes and cookies for the Ice Cream Party. The cake was Chocolate Fudge Cake with chocolate cream cheese filling.