Friday, January 29, 2010


I made this cake for a lady wanting to surprise her husband for his birthday. I see them together all the time and they seem so happy and in love...The cake was chocolate fudge with a decadent chocolate fudge filling...I literally melted the finest chocolate I could buy, and poured it into the filling base...Yum! I hope he enjoyed it with a bug scoop of vanilla ice cream! The cake was covered in butter-cream icing...Yes butter-cream...pretty smoooth if I do say so myself. I had extra batter and so I made the cupcakes just for fun.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 29th ;)

I made this cake for a friend at the gym. She is the Queen of the gym, everyone knows her, and loves her...she is not to be messed with...Don't you go standing in her spot in class, or spending to much time on her elliptical.... or she WILL MAKE YOU MOVE :) I knew that she needed a crown. I really enjoy her and wanted her to feel special on her day.

Oh Baby Boy!

I made this cake for a baby shower. The cake came on a week when I had a million reasons why I should be laying in bed doing nothing...but alas time does not just stop when we want it to...unless your 1 year old and you rule the house ;)

The cake was to be a 10 inch on the bottom, and a 6 inch on the top. The dimensions were this, morphed beyond control. This cake turned out HUGE! In part because I made a triple layer for both the 10inch, and the 6 inch. I also torted all layers to put in extra filling layers. It was heavy. The flavors were Vanilla Almond with butter-cream on the bottom, and Chocolate Fudge Cake with a Chocolate Fudge Toffee Crunch filling on the 6 inch. I really love this teddy bear cake. I was a bit skeptical when she said turquoise but ended up loving the color combo.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Year!

Believe it or not my sweet baby Olivia has turned one today! I have heard it said a million times but feel it so much...."Time goes to fast...enjoy your babies!" I am so blessed beyond mention for my 4 sweet children. Olivia has been the best thing that could have ever happened to our family. I made her a birthday spread in the theme of Mary Englbreit whom I think is so fun and whimsical. I love the way the cookies turned out....The cake on the other hand...because of the constant heater running in the house, the buttercream dried out a little while I was decorating it and cracked in a few places. I could have solved this by adding 2x more shortening to the recipe...however because my family and friends were going to be eating this cake....I opted to keep it less greasy tasting. All and all it was a wonderful celebration of a little life only 1 year new...I can't wait to see what the next year will bring us!

Pastel Cupcake Cookies

Cupcake cookies are so fun to make..the possibilities are endless. These were for a little girl turning 3. The mom requested pastel colors...and I did a number three cookie to out in the bag.