Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentines Day

Last Valentines Day I got this wild idea...When I was a kid my mom always got us these huge heart shaped cookies decorated with roses. We loved them...I looked forward to mine all year long. Well I of course continued with almost all of my childhood traditions and have always made the kids a huge decorated sugar cookie to wake up to on Valentines Day...Last year I thought others might like to give their children/husband the same and I sent out an e-mail offering to make one for them for cost. I was so surprised ...I ended up making 65 HUGE cookies. It was fun, and I thought I might continue it every year...but Olivia has curl-tailed that at least for now.


Texas Roney Family said...

Those were such yummy cookies!! I am going to miss them this year, but sweet Olivia definitely a better trade :-)

Eric & Kristi said...

I'm sorry that I'm missing out this year, however Olivia is such a better Valentine to have.