Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So who would.....

So who would pay $6.99 for 3 cups of flour you ask? A crazy chocolate chip cookies connoisseur... Coconut Flour...who knew it existed? I ran across this woman's baking blog... she makes crazy good baked goods....I stalk her :) Anyway, she posted a recipe using coconut flour used in chocolate chip cookies...and so of course my hunt began.... I found said flour, at Whole Foods Market...yes, I drove 20 min. just to check....$6.99...for a tiny little bag...and yes, I bought it. I made the cookies tonight. Like I said there always seems to be some reason I can get myself in the kitchen baking. This time I am baking cookies for a bridal shower.... I followed her recipe almost exactly....except substituting buttermilk where she used cream...and using half whole wheat pastry flour. Other than that look for her recipe on her website. My review of the cookie? It was very yummy...but not really worth the effort...or the price tag I might add....I think I am better off with my "Oatbran, whole wheat, Wheatbran" creations I have been baking lately...recipe to come soon!

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