Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Go Cubs!

I just LOVE baby showers....I think that it does not matter whether or not it is your 1st baby or your 7th you deserve a party! The excitement of the approaching birth and also to celebrate and honor the MISERY that comes hand in hand with every pregnancy. I remember all to clear how different and at times (or all the time for me last year) miserable tired and yucky you feel. I also remember the sheer joy and overwhelming sense of wonder and gratitude you feel. All of this entitles you to a HUGE Big Deal Party! I got a chance to make some treats for a friend from the gym. They are THE cutest group of girls and are not only teachers (love teachers) but also so nice and fun. She loves the cubs apparently, and that was the theme of the shower. She is having a baby boy right around the time I was due with Olivia. These cup cakes were a new recipe I tried..YUMMY they were Chocolate Chip Cookie dough filled cupcakes with a chocolate chip cookie dough buttercream icing...I can give you the recipe if you want it.....I also thought they needed more chocolate...pregnant remember.....so I did an Oreo Fudge cupcake with a cream filling......needless to say the husband was glad there were a few extra this time!

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Jessica said...

I wish that you could make these for Landon's birthday!