Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bling Bling

This is a cake I did today for a little girl...I think she is turning 10 tomorrow. The thing I loved about this cake, is that her mom wanted so much for her little daughter to be happy and surprised with it. She had a list of things that she wanted on the cake....and it was only a 6 inch cake. I squeezed as much of the list as I could onto the cake. You know when you meet a mom that has the love for her kiddos seeping from every pore? This is that mom. It made it fun to make all of the little make-up and jewels. I also got a new product that I was playing around with. It's called Disco Dust and it is basically edible glitter....with real pizazz. You can not really see it in my terrible photography but it is on the "jewels". I loved it! I am sure you will be seeing more and more of it.

The actual cake was Chocolate Fudge with a Chocolate cream cheese mousse filling. My favorite part of the cake was the jewels randomly placed in the border. Now I'm off, I've got 55 cookies to cut out and bake for tomorrow...onsies and crowns....

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