Sunday, December 7, 2008


It's that time of year...I have began the endless process of making the gingerbread for gingerbread houses. So far I have only made one batch, and let daughter #2 have her very best friend over to make houses on Saturday. They did a terrific job and the gingerbread turned out wonderful and it also made the house smell absolutely incredible. This led me to my last minute decision to dress up my bundt cake a little with some snowflake cookies. Usually I would make Chocolate Sugar Dough because it makes a beautiful snowflake with the contrast of colors...however with baby in the belly... and having been working out and baking in the kitchen for 6 hours already...I opted to use the gingerbread dough instead. This turned out to be a great idea. I made the snowflakes and then as soon as they were cooled I dipped the backs of them in dark chocolate...I then decorated the front with Royal Icing and sanding sugar. They turned out pretty...and when I finally snuck a bite at 10 pm last night I realized that with the chocolate on the back they tasted SO SO good! I added them to my Bundt cake, and then also made some very big snowflake cookies in the same manner and packaged them for part of a hostess gift. This may become a new holiday favorite of mine...and I think I now know what we will be giving as teachers gifts this year!


Sarah said...

beautiful! it's a good thing i don't live at your house - i'd be huge! i don't have the restraint you do :)

Texas Roney Family said...

As always everything you do turns out BEAUTIFUL!! I am with Sarah I would be huge too :-)

Amanda said...

I need your gingerbread recipe. I am buying a gingerbread house mold on ebay today. I was thinking of looking through recipes online but why, when I could just ask you :) Will you share your time tested recipe with me? I don't think I would go through with this if I tested a recipe and it failed the house test. I would just give up and wait til next year.