Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yeah! This years Christmas Cookies

I was so happy that I actually got around to making these. I thought that I would probably not fit any cookies for myself in this year...however, I received the annual call for a sugar cookie class from a friend and said yes....I know, I know, I create most (if not all) of the chaos in my life. Anyway, I "needed" to make some example cookies to take to the class...(which by the way after the first 5 min. really doesn't need me at all.) But it is amazing the time and energy I put into making the example cookies. I really liked some of the new designs I did this year. Many of them I copied "ish" from ones I have seen online, with my own little twist put into it. These were also made from the No-Fail Sugar Cookie Dough...the sturdier one that holds the design a little better. They were iced in a basic Royal Icing. I can't decide on my favorite...but I think it's the snowman on the round cookie. Isn't light blue a fantastic color?

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LT Smash said...

ha. I love the Santa belly one.