Monday, May 18, 2009

Cupcake Mania!

Whats a girl to do with a few pounds of butter cream, whipped chocolate cream cheese frosting, and a bunch of thank you's to give? Why make 3,000 cupcakes of course!

I spent my Sunday afternoon in my favorite way...baking. The best part is that I was baking for someone other than myself...and with no pressure just for fun!

I made many varieties of cupcakes:

Coconut Supreme with butter cream icing and toasted coconut on top

Chocolate Devils food with Whipped chocolate cream cheese frosting

Chocolate devils with whipped chocolate cream cheese frosting and drizzled with milk chocolate

Vanilla butter cake with butter cream icing and sprinkles

Vanilla butter cake with whipped chocolate incing and sprinkles

We then happily drove around to give our thanks to a few people that have given our family joy...and in return we were hoping that these little cakes gave them a tiny bit in return.


Texas Roney Family said...

Thanks for the yummy cupcakes they brightened my day! The coconut supreme was my absolute favorite!! I am dreaming about it right now... :-)

Alli Waldron said...

This is Amy Randall's niece. You are so talented. All of your creations are too cute. you have got to be kidding me! 3,000 cupcakes?

What do you charge for your cupcakes and sugar cookies?