Friday, May 29, 2009

Lifes a Beach

Okay this was a fun cake! I made the cake for daughter #2's best friend. Her mom was having a surprise birthday party for her. She was having a Beach party and I was excited to try out a beach cake. This little girl is really as sweet as they come...I hope she loved the cake. The cake was "funfetti" with Raspberry and butter cream filling. All the accent pieces were made of fondant and the "sand " was brown sugar. I had so much fun sculpting little beach toys...(but do not ask Olivia how much fun she had watching me) My favorite part was the sand makes me want to take a trip, and play in real sand ( I hope the girls didn't eat all that sugar sand). I took the picture before I added palm trees to the top of the cake...they helped give the cake a little more depth. Now I am off to make cake truffles for daughter #1 to take to a pool party...sleep? It's over rated:)

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