Friday, October 3, 2008

Candy Cake

Here is a cake done for a little girl that told her mom..."I love candy and I want a candy cake". This was a really fun cake to make. The "lollipops" are made of fondant. Before she picked it up, I added big rainbow swirled lollipops that stuck out the top and really made for the cake. I covered the cake board with skittles. Can you say sugar rush!


Nata said...

Oh my goodness!!! My mom bakes and I've wanted her to blog forever now....and she's going to start exercising with me too!! I just showed her your page and she wants to know how you did the wedding cake at the top....she wants to do something similar for my sister's wedding next October!!! Would love to hear from you!!!!

Siew Mei said...

Hi Jamie, nice cakes!