Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SMU Cake

So tonight I tried the world famous "New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookie"...it lived up to its name. Most likely the best recipe I have tried, but more to come on that later...because I was to busy eating...savoring every morsel.... of them to take a picture, so I will post recipe and picture tomorrow. For tonight I ran across this picture of an SMU Cake I did for a graduation this spring. I loved the finished cake. I used chocolate for the SMU and the Mustang...I played around with a newly acquired clay gun to make the tassels, and the cap was a rice crispy treat. I never heard anything from the client....I hate it when they do not drop me a quick e-mail to let me know if they liked it....But then I wonder how many times I forget to tell people how pleased (or not ...hopefully not) with the things they make/do for me I am ...like the amazing Banana Bread that a friend gave me tonight. I have to remember to thank her and tell her that my daughter....when faced with my "world famous..." cookie or the banana bread, chose the banana bread hands down, and said that it was the best she had ever had!

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